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We are a company built on a foundation of solid values and a strong entrepreneurial drive, unconstrained by formal hierarchy.

Our services provide security and enable new opportunities for our clients in the public and private sectors, including government agencies, businesses and other organisations in a variety of industries.

Our Story

Transcendent Group was founded in Stockholm in 2001 and has since inception been a value-driven company. We hand-pick our employees, and only recruit experienced consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance. Today, Transcendent Group has grown to become a management consulting business with offices throughout Europe.

From the moment Transcendent Group was founded, we have been a company founded on solid values and strong entrepreneurial drive, unconstrained by formal hierarchy. We are a company with a warm heart that truly believes that a great culture is a key success factor in business.

We are currently experiencing a rapid growth and geographical expansion. We believe that by growing, we become more relevant and attractive to a greater number of clients and to potential new recruits who would like to join the Transcendent family. The bigger we are, the better services we can deliver to our clients and the more attractive we will be to future clients and talent. And that’s a great goal, to attract the best people and provide the best and highest quality services to our clients.

Our Culture

Our culture is one of our strongest value propositions and it is created and shaped by all employees within the Transcendent family. We use our core values - Trust, Professionalism, Contribution and Personal - to guide us in how to interact and behave, ensuring our Transcendent Group culture remains strong. We will ensure our culture remains a key part of our company as we grow and continue to develop.

Transcendent Group’s culture is founded on passion. Passion for challenge, for helping clients and solving problems. Passion for great colleagues, fun and laughter. A passion for the entrepreneurial spirit, or going the extra mile, for building personal relations and the best client relationships. A passion for making the complicated simple, and for making a real difference.


Through openness, a high level of integrity and strong business ethics, we generate trust both with our clients and within the group.


We strive to display the highest possible level of competence and the greatest possible expertise in everything we do.


Our employees are invited and expected to actively participate in issues and activities that are designed to help the company grow.


We are the management consulting firm which dares to put a strong focus on the role of the individual, both in terms of our own people and those of our client's.

An international growth company

Transcendent Group is growing and expanding geographically to new offices every year. We are following our clients around the world, and are able to offer cross-border solutions. Wherever there is a need for GRC, Transcendent Group should be present!

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Great Place to Work

Transcendent Group has been ranked one of Europe’s best workplaces! We are participating in the independent organisation Great Place to Work’s annual survey, measuring credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie among all colleagues. We will always strive to be a Great Place to Work!

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