Come work with us!

Transcendent Group’s culture is founded on passion. Passion for challenge, for helping clients and solving problems. Passion for great colleagues, fun and laughter. A passion for the entrepreneurial spirit, and for going the extra mile, for building personal relations and the best client relationships. A passion for making the complicated simple, and for making a real difference. Do you share our passion?

Our culture makes all the difference

We are a company with a warm heart that truly believes that a great culture is a key success factor in business.

Transcendent Group is a value-driven company. We strive to be a global leader in the GRC market and to be a pioneer in developing GRC specific services around the globe. From the moment Transcendent Group was founded, we have been a company founded on solid values and a strong entrepreneurial drive, unconstrained from formal hierarchy.

Our culture is one of our strongest value propositions and it is created and shaped by all employees within the TG family. We use our core values – Trust, Professionalism, Contribution and Personal – to guide us in how to interact and behave, ensuring our Transcendent Group culture remains strong. We will ensure our culture remains a key part of our company as we grow and continue to develop. We hand-pick our employees to make sure they fit our culture, and only recruit experienced consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Our Core Values

We believe that our values will shape our culture and lead to success, by letting them guide us in our decision-making and everyday work. Values are personal, and each co-worker will have their own interpretation of our corporate values. If your personal values harmonize with our corporate values, then we’re a great match!


Through transparency, high integrity and openness, we generate trust among each other within the group. We can trust our colleagues to always deliver high quality services, which is why we can have an organization unconstrained by formal hierarchy, meaning that everyone’s opinion is equally important. Besides always following laws, requirements and ethical guidelines, we also demonstrate trust through kindness to our clients and our colleagues. We have a profound believe that if we trust our co-workers to solve a task in the best way possible, they will. There’s no hidden agendas, we trust our co-workers to strive for our common goal, and to tell their honest opinion about what they really feel.


GRC is a call, and everyone who works at Transcendent Group are extremely passionate for various GRC-skills. Professionalism is shown through the highest possible level of competence and expertise in everything we do. For us, Professionalism means team work, learning from each other, acting polite and mature to one another. We believe that key factors within professionalism is; an objective perspective, emotional matureness, and great communication skills, where listening is more important than talking. We care about the true value of what we deliver, which means that we dare to say no, and dare to tell our clients the truth even if it’s uncomfortable, to make sure that they get the result that they need and aspire.


When you have a passion for your work and a genuine interest in the services you deliver, contribution comes naturally, both to the Group and to your clients. Contribution is all about sharing your competence with others, helping your colleagues and going the extra mile for your clients. We are convinced that the best ideas will come from within the company. A successful company is not created consultant by consultant, it’s when we come together and contribute as a team that great things happens. Our whole culture depends on that everyone contributes and takes part of our journey. We want to contribute to your personal journey, and you will contribute to your clients’ journey, our growth journey and cultural journey.


At TG, we all put a lot of energy in creating a warmhearted environment where we treat clients and colleagues with kindness and respect. You can be yourself at TG, and create friendships that last a lifetime. Everything we do have a personal perspective, we are the management consulting firm which dares to put a strong focus on the role of the individual, both in terms of our own people and those of our client’s. The value personal is present in everything we do and sets the tonality within the company and in the relationships with our clients. You can set your personal touch on the company and your work, and we will help building your personal brand while you’re working here.


We love to meet and spend time together, have fun and create life long memories and many of us likes outdoors activities, like skiing. Great relationship between colleagues is something we believe creates an environment of trust. We also believe that when people come together and gets to know each other it gets much easier to work together and share knowledge. And in some cases build lifelong friendship.

We have a lot of local activities that is run by our social committees and on top of this we all meet twice per year at our Kick-off in Stockholm and our winter conference in Europe.

At our conference where we all meet, it’s a great event filled with a lot of inspiration, knowledge sharing and lot of laughter. The conference great final is the annual TG Awards dinner when we celebrate and acknowledge our colleagues that has been extraordinary core values ambassadors.

After the conference a lot of our colleagues choose to stay to spend some good time together skiing or exploring an interesting city.

Great place to work

At Transcendent Group the number one priority is to make sure that we always are a Great Place to Work. For us, being a Great Place to Work means an overall feeling, a feeling of wow that we want our employees to feel when they are on their way to work, as well as when they are going home. This feeling is built on credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie among all colleagues. We work with the independent organization Great Place to Work, and has successfully been listed and ranked as a Great Place to Work every since. Our ambition going forward, is to climb on the top ranking list in Europe. We will always strive to be a Greater Place to Work!


With conscious compliance models and data-driven solutions we support our clients in finding the sound balance between control and risk.

Corporate Governance

An effective corporate governance framework will enable your organisation to balance the needs of stakeholders while accelerating the attainment of the organisation's goals and objectives.

Digital Governance

Digital Governance enables digitalization goals and strategies to be realized, assuring value creation and the realization of benefits anticipated from digital transformation.

Information Security

Helping clients understand their cyber- and information security risks and then enabling the effective management of the organisation's information assets.

Internal Audit

Independent and objective assurance of the management controls, providing assurance over the safeguarding of company assets, data integrity and operating effectiveness of information systems.

IT Audit

IT audits evaluate whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity, and supports business overall goals.


Good privacy practices are about understanding privacy needs and being transparent about what personal data is being captured and processed, for what reasons and how the information is to be processed in accordance with the law.

Risk Financial Sector

Helping clients understand and manage uncertainty by embedding sound risk management practices throughout the organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We strongly believe that it is important that we as a company take a social responsibility. We have an active CSR committee with engaged employees throughout the world, who are working together to make a positive change in the world.

We work for UN’s 17 Glocal Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In our SDG work, we want to make sure to work with CSR questions in our daily work, in ethic and environmental questions. But that’s not enough for us, we want to do the little extra. Therefore, we welcome all our employees that are interested to engage in our CSR activities.

Building your Personal Brand

At Transcendent Group we have a commitment to, in the best way possible, build our consultants personal brand. To build a professional brand is, among other things, about defining which forums one should be seen in, identify the right activities, build recognition and to make sure our consultants are seen as experts and thought leaders within their fields.

Your personal brand is about your values, vision, mission and image. Your image is how you see yourself, and how others see you. Our job is to help you achieve your vision. All our consultants are their own brand, and together we create the Transcendent Group brand.