Cecilia Hollerup

Among my personal qualities I believe being positive and curious are those that characterized me most both privately and professionally. Already as a kid, it took the expression that I always wanted to try all the sports and activities available and then could not quit anything because all was equally fun. Even today, I think life is too short and the world is too big not to try new things, see new places and I aim not to exclude anything or limit myself because of preconceptions and own prejudices. The result of this is a varied, rich and active life, preferably with my wonderful family or with good friends and a rewarding and stimulating profession. Professionally, the same applies, I love to get to know new companies and clients and I see difficult questions as a positive challenge that I just have to get to the bottom of. Curiosity in this context means that I always give 110 percent to get into what I do to deliver at the highest level. I am convinced that there is always more to learn and I get energy from exploring new areas and getting better in areas I already master. Within the regulatory framework for financial companies, I will never have to worry about getting bored, with the speed that regulatory changes take place in this area today I will be busy learning new for many years to come – and I look forward to it!

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