Christian Stensrud

"Many look at risk management and internal control as separate processes. To me, this is an integral part of business management. Risk management is not just to be aware of events that can occur, but also to be able to see and exploit the opportunities this provides. Internal control is short and easy how the business follows up to get where they want. " "Challenging and finding the right balance for every single customer is what I think is exciting to be a consultant. I am so lucky and get to work with a field of interest that I am very interested in and I have been challenged in many different projects. I have worked extensively with operational risk, management and control in various forms - ranging from major investment projects to assisting small businesses with a few employees. Both parts are interesting and exciting in different ways. In the Transcendent Group, I have the opportunity to work with several who are engaged and burn for the same as me. In addition, there is a professional environment that is fun when we work! "

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