Christopher Falkenberg

My interest in computers, networks and communication has been there since the early 90's. The chirping of the modem still gives a sense of anticipation and satisfaction to hang among like-minded people on a game board where anything can happen. It is with a mixture of horror and delight that I have over the years followed the development of the Internet, threats and security measures in the wake of digitalization, where the gap between what security measures we should take and those we actually do continues to increase. To arouse interest in the issues that must continuously exist within companies at all levels is something that I have been working on since the late 90's and think is the most fun. That the interplay between knowledge, a aware management that creates a foundation for an organization through a pronounced risk appetite and a clear division of roles and responsibilities provides conditions for managing the organization's information in a secure way with tools such as information classification, risk analysis that provides the right level of protection. I have always wanted to challenge myself to vary my assignments and it has been possible as I have a strong analytical ability where I am good at balancing creativity with structure, processes with efficiency and have a natural ability to identify opportunities for improvement. In many of my assignments, I often act as the putty between management, the business and technology to implement the management's strategy, the business' needs and requirements for efficient and manageable solutions seen throughout the solution's entire life cycle.

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