Linnéa Holm

A strong interest in international relations and international public management led me to obtain a degree in Political science. I thought I'd work with matters like human rights, public health or other subjects closely related to humans. But, somewhere along the way I stumbled across - security.- My degree ended up focusing on Cyber warfare and digital coercion, both from a geopolitical perspective. This has changed my focus from humans to human interaction with technology. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Since then I have done consultancy within cyber security, crisis and continuity management and strategic risk management. I thrive when I get the chance to help organizations realize their full potential of resilience and preparedness, when they enable their capacity to manage and recover the business, no matter what crisis or disruption. When I go offline I love to play board games with friends and family, take part in the occasional trivia or pub quiz. I play football to stay young, and knit sweaters when I want to feel older, and I listen to good music when I want to stay in the moment.

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