Tiril Elise Rimstad

With new technology, comes exciting opportunities for the processing of personal data. The possibilities in both the private and public sector are at an all-time high, ready to be explored. I am a firm believer that such opportunities do not stand in the way of ensuring transparent and trustworthy privacy, and that the right maneuvering in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape can benefit both organizations and data subjects. When supporting clients with their pursuits of data-driven value, I seek to make privacy as tangible as possible. Thus ensuring that our efforts with compliance result in real change. At Transcendent Group I am a part of an A-team of consultants all aiming to do just that - creating real and long-term value for our clients. Long-term goals aside, it is the energy and the fun we have each day at work that makes it so rewarding for me to work with the people at Transcendent Group, and this is something I strive to bring with me when working with clients as well.

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