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Since the start in 2001, Transcendent Group has experienced extraordinary growth and geographical expansion, leading to today’s company - which is a large and highly respected consulting business in our target markets. Wherever there is a need for GRC, Transcendent Group should be present!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Transcendent Group Netherlands B.V.
Org.number: 73516589
VAT: NL859555951B01

Daalwijkdreef 25
1103 AD

Contact us:
CEO: Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen
+ 47(0)99 271 170

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Bergen, Norway

Transcendent Group Norge AS
Org.number: 911836246
MVA: NO911836246

Edvard Griegsvei 3
5059 Bergen

Contact us:
Branch Manager: Kim Mathisen
+47 4063 9720

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Brussels, Belgium

Transcendent Group Belgium SA
Org. number: 0687468890
VAT: BE0687468890

Bastion Tower
Place du Champ de Mars 5
1050 Brussels

Contact us:
CEO: Isabelle Colin
+32 49 525 74 03

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Transcendent Group Danmark Aps
Org.number: 38230670
VAT: DK38230670

Rentemestervej 56C
2400 København

Contact us:
CEO: Martin Bohlin
+46 730 98 60 43

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Gothenburg, Sweden

Transcendent Group Sverige AB
Org. number: 556612-8939
VAT: SE556612893901

Trädgårdsgatan 3
411 08 Göteborg

Contact us:
Branch manager: Anna Nielanger
+46 73 335 08 42

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Helsinki, Finland

Transcendent Group Finland Oy
​Org.number: ​2824426-9
VAT: FI 28244269

Keilaranta 1
02150 Espoo

Contact us:
CEO: Marko Ahola
+358 50 388 3837

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Malmoe, Sweden

Transcendent Group Sverige AB
Org. number: 556612-8939
VAT: SE556612893901

Stortorget 11
211 22 Malmö

Contact us:
Branch Manager: Andreas Liese
+46 70 841 77 01

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Oslo, Norway

Transcendent Group Norway AS
Org.number: 911836246
MVA: NO911836246

Øvre Slottsgate 11
0157 Oslo

Contact us:
CEO: Carsten Maartmann-Moe
+47 91 30 12 30

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Stockholm, Sweden

Transcendent Group Sverige AB
Org.number: 556612-8939
VAT: SE556612893901

Lästmakargatan 20
111 44 Stockholm

Contact information:
Branch Manager: Tulan Leth
+46 708 41 77 48

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Transcendent Group Baltics UAB
Org.number: 304830929
VAT code: LT100011661316

Lvovo str. 25
Small Sail entrance, 14th floor
LT-09320 Vilnius

Contact us:
CEO: Solveiga Acuviene
+370 610 33173

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At Transcendent Group, we handpick our new employees after recommendation, thorough research and an established interview process. We recruit mainly from our personal networks, but applications are of course welcome. Normally, our new recruits are senior with a number of years of work experience from the industry.

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