Breakfast seminar – How to increase resilience to new digital threats

April 25, 2019

Welcome to a breakfast at our Gothenburg office where we will go through which the new, digital threats are, and how to protect yourself from them.

The digitalization has led to that people are more and more exposed to different internet- and cloud services. This development has led to both new fantastic possibilities for individuals and society, but it also leads to new, digital threats. Another consequence is of course that illicit actors are using the technology, which enables them to do more ‘sophisticated’ crimes.

At this breakfast seminar, we will review the new threats and give the participants a demo of the Dark Net. We will also give hands-on advice on how you can strengthen your Cyber and information security.

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Date: 25th of April

Time: 08:00-09:30

Location: Transcendent Group

Address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö

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