Corporate Information

Corporate Information

At Transcendent Group you will meet experienced consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance. We are an independent adviser with a clear understanding of risk and business value. Based on our clients’ needs, we support our clients in projects, through the provision of outsourced solutions, interim positions or subscription services. Our clients operate in both the public and private sector, including government agencies, businesses and other organizations in a variety of industries.

Founded in Stockholm in 2001, Transcendent Group is a value-driven company. We hand-pick our employees, and only recruit experienced consultants from within Governance, Risk and Compliance. Today, Transcendent Group has grown to become a consulting business with offices throughout Europe.

Information on the public cash offer announcement by FCG Holding Sverige AB

On June 15, 2022, FCG Holding Sverige AB (“FCG”) made a public tender offer to the shareholders of Transcendent Group to tender all their shares in the Company to FCG (the “Offer”). FCG offers SEK 36.75 cash for each share in Transcendent Group, corresponding to a total value for all shares in the Company of approximately SEK 239.9 million

Transcendent Group’s Board of Directors has recommended the shareholders to accept the offer.

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Corporate Governance

Transcendent Group is a Swedish limited liability company. Corporate governance in the Company is based on Swedish laws and regulations, the Company’s article of associations as well as internal rules and instructions.

The Company will apply the Swedish Corporate Governance Code hereafter referred to as “the Code”. The Code is based on the principle “comply or explain”.

The company will comply with Swedish and foreign laws and regulations, the company’s articles of associations as well as its internal rules and instruction.

Board of Directors

The Board has the ultimate responsibility for the overall governance of Transcendent Group, its administration and organization and the handling of the Group’s affairs.

The board of Directors shall be made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 board members, without deputy directors. The board members are elected annually at the annual general meeting for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting.

Kristian Bentzer

Chief Executive Officer FCG Group

Member of the board since August 2022

Jimmy Brink

Head of Sales FCG Group

Member of the board since August 2022

Magnus Karlberg

Chief Financial Officer FCG Group

Member of the board since August 2022

Management team

Management team
As of today, Transcendent Group’s executive management team consists of six senior executives, including the CEO.

The CEO supported by the management team is responsible for the Company’s ongoing management and is subordinate to the Board of Directors. The division of duties between the Board and the CEO is stated in the rules of procedure and in the instructions for the CEO.

The CEO shall keep the Board of Directors continuously informed of the development of the Company’s business, results and financial position, important business events and any other event or circumstances that can be of importance for the Company’s shareholders.

Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen

CEO of Transcendent Group AB since June 2022

Born: 1980

Employed since: 2013

Education: Bachelor of Computer Science, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Technology, Sydney

Other assignments: 

Previous employer/assignments: CEO of Transcendent Group Norge AS, CEO of New Markets Transcendent Group, PWC

Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen

Martin Bohlin

CEO of Transcendent Group Sverige since 2018 and Transcendent Group Denmark since 2021

Born: 1979

Employed since: 2010

Education: Master of Science in Business Administration at Linköping University/Lund University

Other assignments:  Member of the board AB E. Bohlins Maskiner, Anna B Inredning AB and MLB Invest AB.

Previous employer/assignments: PWC.

Martin Bohlin

Maria Haug Edvardsen

CEO of Transcendent Group Norge AS since 2022

Born: 1980

Employed since: 2013

Education: Master (Maîtrise en Économie & Finance), Université des Sciences Sociales, Toulouse

Other assignments: –

Previous employer/assignments: Head of Department Risk & Compliance, Transcendent Group Norge AS, KPMG, DNB, Sparebank1

Maria Haug Edvardsen

Casten Martmaann-Moe

Global Head of Cyber Security

Born: 1981

Employed since: 2015

Education: Master of Science in Telematics, Computer and Network Security, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Other assignments: –

Previous employer/assignments:  EY

Carsten Maartmann-Moe

Hampus Phil

Head of Audit & Governance

Born: 1977

Employed since: 2014

Education: Master of Science in International Business Administration (Lund University, University of Ottawa and Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)

Other assignments: Member of the board, MMK Automotive AB

Previous employer/assignments: Deloitte, Telia Company, LearningWell

Hampus Pihl


The auditor’s role is to examine Transcendent Group’s annual reports and accounts as well as the administration of the board and the CEO. After each financial year, the auditor must submit an audit report to the Annual General Meeting.

The noted auditing firm KPMG AB (P.O. Box 362, 101 27 Stockholm) has been Transcendent Group’s auditors since the general meeting in 2018 and was re-elected at the Annual General meeting 2022 until the end of the Annual General Meeting in 2023.

Annual General Meetings

The general meeting is Transcendent Group’s highest governing body in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act  (2005:551). It is at the general meeting that the shareholders can exercise their influence in the company. The annual meetings will, under normal circumstances, be held in Stockholm where the Company has its headquarter.

The notice for the General Meeting will be made public on the Company’s webpage ( and published in Post- och Inrikes tidningar. An announcement that notice had been given will be published in a domestic newspaper.

Articles of association

The English version of the articles of association is an unofficial translation of the Swedish original and in case of any discrepancies between the Swedish version and the English translation, the Swedish version shall prevail.

Bolagets företagsnamn är Transcendent Group AB (publ).
The name of the company is Transcendent Group AB (publ).

Styrelsen skall ha sitt säte i Stockholms kommun.
The headquarters of the board of directors shall be in the municipality of Stockholm.

Föremålet för bolagets verksamhet är att, direkt eller indirekt via hel- eller delägda företag, bedriva konsultverksamhet gentemot myndigheter, företag och organisationer inom verksamhetsstyrning, riskhantering, riskkontroll samt regelefterlevnad, äga och förvalta aktier och fastigheter samt därmed förenlig verksamhet.
The business activities of the company shall be to, directly or indirectly, through wholly or partly owned companies, provide consultancy services to authorities, companies and organizations in the field of operations management, risk management, risk control and compliance, own and manage shares and real estate and to conduct activities related thereto.

Aktiekapitalet skall vara lägst 500 000 kronor och högst 2 000 000 kronor.
The share capital shall be not less than SEK 500 000 and not more than SEK 2 000 000.

Antalet aktier skall vara lägst 5 000 000 stycken och högst 20 000 000 stycken.
The number of shares shall be not less than 5 000 000 and not more than 20 000 000.

Styrelsen skall bestå av lägst 3 och högst 8 styrelseledamöter, utan styrelsesuppleanter. Styrelseledamöterna väljs årligen på årsstämma för tiden intill slutet av nästa årsstämma.
The board of directors shall be made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 board members, without deputy directors. The board members are elected annually at the annual general meeting for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting.

Bolaget ska ha 1-2 revisorer med högst 2 revisorssuppleanter eller ett registrerat revisionsbolag.
The company shall have 1-2 auditors and not more than 2 alternate auditors or a registered audit firm.

Kallelse till bolagsstämma ska ske genom annonsering i Post- och Inrikes Tidningar och genom att kallelsen hålls tillgänglig på Bolagets webbplats. Samtidigt som kallelse sker ska Bolaget genom annonsering i Svenska Dagbladet upplysa om att kallelse har skett.
Notice to attend a general meeting shall take place through an announcement in the Official Swedish Gazette and by making the notice to attend available on the company’s website. Concurrently with issuance of notice to attend, the company shall announce, in Svenska Dagbladet that notice to attend has taken place.

Rätt att delta i stämman har sådana aktieägare som anmält sig hos bolaget senast den dag och tidpunkt som anges i kallelsen till stämman. Denna dag får inte vara söndag, annan allmän helgdag, lördag, midsommarafton, julafton eller nyårsafton och inte infalla tidigare än femte vardagen före stämman.
The right to participate at general meetings shall vest in any shareholder who has notified the company thereof not later than the date specified in the notice to attend the general meeting. Such a date may not be a Sunday, other public holiday, Saturday, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and may not occur earlier than the fifth weekday prior to the general meeting.

På årsstämman skall följande ärenden behandlas.
The following matters shall be addressed at the annual general meeting.
1. Val av ordförande.
Election of chairman.

2. Upprättande och godkännande av röstlängd.
Preparation and approval of the voting register.

3. Val av en eller två justeringsmän.
Election of one or two persons to attest the minutes.

4. Prövande av om stämman blivit behörigen sammankallad.
Determination of whether the meeting was duly convened.

5. Godkännande av dagordning.
Approval of the agenda.

6. Framläggande av årsredovisningen och revisionsberättelsen samt, i förekommande fall, koncenredovisningen och koncernrevisionsberättelsen.
Presentation of the annual report and auditor’s report and, if applicable, the consolidated accounts and the auditor’s report on the group.

7. Beslut om följande:
Resolution regarding the following:
a) fastställande av resultaträkningen och balansräkningen samt, i förekommande fall koncernresultaträkningen och koncernbalansräkningen;
adoption of the income statement and the balance sheet and, if applicable, the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet;
b) dispositioner beträffande aktiebolagets vinst eller förlust enligt den fastställda balansräkningen;
allocation of the company’s profit or loss according to the adopted balance sheet;
c) ansvarsfrihet åt styrelseledamöterna och verkställande direktören.
discharge from liability for board members and the managing director.

8. Fastställande av arvoden till styrelsen och till revisorerna.
Determination of fees for the board of directors and the auditors.

9. Val till styrelsen och av revisorer.
Election of the board of directors and auditors.

10. Annat ärende, som skall tas upp på stämman enligt aktiebolagslagen (2005:551) eller bolagsordningen.
Any other matter to be addressed at the meeting according to the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551) or the articles of association.

Bolagets räkenskapsår skall vara 1 januari- 31 december.
The company’s financial year shall be January 1 – December 31.

Bolagets aktier ska vara registrerade i ett avstämningsregister enligt lagen (1998:1479) värdepapperscentraler och kontoföring av finansiella instrument.
The company’s shares shall be registered in a CSD register (central securities depository) pursuant to the Central Securities Depositories and Financial Instruments (Accounts) Act (SFS 1998:1479).

Styrelsen får samla in fullmakter enligt det förfarande som anges i 7 kap. 4 § andra stycket aktiebolagslagen.
The board of directors may collect power of attorneys in accordance with the procedure specified in Chapter 7, Section 4, second paragraph, of the Swedish Companies Act.

Styrelsen får inför en bolagsstämma besluta att aktieägarna skall kunna utöva sin röst per post före bolagsstämman enligt det förfarande som anges i 7 kap. 4 a § aktiebolagslagen.
Prior to a general meeting, the board of directors may decide that the shareholders shall be able to exercise their vote by post before the general meeting in accordance with the procedure specified in Chapter 7, Section 4 a of the Swedish Companies Act.

Den som inte är aktieägare i bolaget ska ha rätt att på de villkor som styrelsen bestämmer närvara eller på annat sätt följa förhandlingarna vid bolagsstämma.
Anyone who is not a shareholder in the company shall have the right to attend or otherwise follow the negotiations at a general meeting on the terms determined by the board of directors.

Memorandum of association

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