Welcome to our office in Amsterdam!

Welcome to our office in Amsterdam!

Transcendent Group’s journey in the Netherland started in February 2019 with our local CEO Remon Houweling, who opened the doors to our office in Amsterdam. With the support of the Group and colleagues from all over Europe, Remon will turn Transcendent Group Netherlands into a success story.

Our first office outside the Nordic countries opened in Belgium last year, which makes it a natural step to continue our geographical expansion in the same region, and it will be a great asset for the two offices to be able to collaborate during their growth journey.

Remon Houweling will take the lead to establish Transcendent Group on the Dutch market, where he says his focus will be on applying the Transcendent Group culture and values to the new team in Amsterdam, but also to offer a different consulting firm, where creating long-term relationships will be key.

–  People are tired of the old way of collaborating between the consultant and the client. It’s time for something new, something personal and brave. That’s the gap on the Dutch market that Transcendent Group will fill. By not offering standardized solutions, we’re able to really listen to the client and build a long-term relationship built on trust. That’s what makes us different, our focus on the client relationships, in a cultural way, says Remon Houweling, CEO Transcendent Group Netherlands.

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