Welcome to our office in Frankfurt!

Welcome to our office in Germany!

Transcendent Group’s journey in Germany started on the 1st of July 2019 with the local CEO Emanuel Gedeon.

Transcendent Group opened up its door to their first office in Germany in Frankfurt, July 2019 with Emanuel Geadon taking the lead as a CEO together with the co-founder Holger Pauco-Dirscherl. A perfect fit with the same values, level of expertise in GRC and the same ambition for supporting clients. Together they have successfully founded TG Germany, and the journey is yet to begin.

GRC is a topic that is already at a high demand in Germany as the regulatory environment is harder than ever to navigate. BaFin is starting to get tougher, combined with the need to evolve, transform and digitalize. To have an office in Frankfurt is necessary as many companies in financial services have already started to move parts of their operations to Frankfurt as a result of Brexit. These things have led to a higher demand of senior expertise and trustworthy consultants. A gap that Transcendent Group will fill.

Transcendent Group already stands out from the competitors on the German market by being a value-driven and non-hierarchical company. We are investing in people and creating an environment where everyone can develop. And that’s one of the reasons why we already have new hires on the way and several exciting projects ongoing and upcoming.

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