Welcome to our office in Gothenburg!

Welcome to our office in Gothenburg!

Transcendent Group’s Gothenburg office was founded in the autumn of 2014 by Anna Nielanger and Christina Falk, who together built a strong team, combining their deep knowledge and broad experiences of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Since the beginning of 2020, Anna Nielanger, is successfully leading our Gothenburg team as branch manager.

On 15th of September 2014, Anna Nielanger and Christina Falk started an exciting journey as they opened Transcendent Group Gothenburg. The office’s location could not be better; in the heart of Gothenburg close to everything, beside the beautiful park Trädgårdsföreningen. For our clients on the west coast, this meant that they could access our services locally, which turned out to be a smart move that was highly appreciated. Two consultants evolved into a fantastic team and we’re still growing! All of our Swedish offices work closely together, collaborating on several engagements making our team even stronger!

Transcendent Group is a unique alternative to the other more traditional management consulting companies and we are a real challenger to our competitors in the local markets. Since the opening of the Gothenburg office, we have continuously developed the business and have been able to attract and recruit some of the region’s best GRC-consultants.

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