Welcome to our office in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

Welcome to our office in the Grand Duchy!

The office is our second BeNeLux office, with Med Zlitni as local CEO.

EU is experiencing rapid and radical shifts at political, social and economic levels. This significantly influenced the market demands for trustworthy and efficient offerings of vast GRC business opportunities. As of today, the demand exists more than ever in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as a Worldwide Financial Center of Excellence and Capital of Europe.

Transcendent Group is based on its core values, which derives from its Scandinavian origins, combining demanding tasks with job satisfaction. The focus in Luxembourg will be to stay focused on our talents and clients. We want to reach the critical mass to be known as a disruptive and recognized competitor in the local GRC market.

Local news

Transcendent Group expands to Luxembourg

September 1, 2018

Transcendent Group enters the Benelux markets with Med Zlitni as CEO for their Luxembourg office. Transcendent Group is a management...

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19th best workplace in Europe

June 15, 2018

Transcendent Group is listed as Europe’s 19th best workplace, based on the results of Great Place to Work’s annual survey,...

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Long-term incentive program

June 12, 2018

Transcendent Group implements a long-term incentive program and invites all their employees to purchase stakes in the company.

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