Welcome to our office in Trondheim!

Welcome to our office in Trondheim!

As the demand for experienced GRC-consultants has grown, Transcendent Group has been able to successfully build relationships throughout Norway. We are now really happy to announce that we can serve clients in Trondheim and Mid-Norway from our third office, established in Trondheim on the 1st of October 2018.

It is important to us to be where our clients are, and we have noticed that our physical presence means a lot to our clients in Trondheim, who value having experienced GRC-consultants nearby.

Our services generate value for our clients, clearly demonstrated when we were ranked as a Gazelle company 2017 for our growth achievements. The following year, we were ranked as Norway’s fifth best workplace in Norway in the Great Place to Work Survey 2018. This reflects Transcendent Group Norway’s scalable and sustainable business model. Most importantly, it shows that we have devoted and capable colleagues, who contribute to building our culture and delivering value-added GRC-services to clients in the Norwegian market.

Going forward, we expect to see significant growth from our Trondheim office and we will continue to provide value-adding advice to our clients and offer our employees exciting opportunities, fostering growth.

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