Transcendent Group Belgium appoints Isabelle Colin as new CEO

March 12, 2021

Transcendent Group Belgium has appointed Isabelle Colin as the new CEO of the company's Belgian business. Isabelle Colin replaces Nicolas Jongen and assumed her role on 11 March.

Isabelle Colin has been employed by Transcendent Group since early 2020 and comes most recently from the role of Head of Risk for the company’s Belgian business. She has previously worked on internal audit and risk management’s assignments for EY, Citibank and Beobank, and as external auditor at KPMG.

“Isabelle has solid experience in auditing and risk management through several positions in the financial sector and is a highly appreciated colleague. Now, she will have an important role to play in our position in relation to the development of the Belgian business in Brussels. We will further strengthen the organization to be well positioned to meet the demand in the region”, said Martin Malm, CEO Transcendent Group.

“It feels great to be trusted to take over the baton after Nicolas and lead the Belgian business into the next phase. I look forward to continuing to deliver business-critical services to our customers in the region while closely following the regulatory developments within GRC in the capital of Europe”, said Isabelle Colin.

Transcendent Group expanded to Belgium in 2018 and has currently 5 employees locally.

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