19th best workplace in Europe

June 15, 2018

Transcendent Group is listed as Europe’s 19th best workplace, based on the results of Great Place to Work’s annual survey, which was announced during the European Great Place to Work Conference 2018 in Athens on the 14th of June.

Transcendent Group was earlier listed as one of the best workplaces in Sweden and Norway, where the company’s results where high enough to make it to the European competition.

– Transcendent Group’s culture is founded on passion. Passion for challenge, for helping clients and solving problems. Passion for great colleagues, fun and laughter. A passion for the entrepreneurial spirit, for going the extra mile, for building personal relations and the best client relationship. A passion for making the complicated simple, and for making a real difference, says Martin Malm, CEO Transcendent Group

Transcendent Group competed in the category small companies on European level against nearly 200 other companies who were listed in the 18 competing countries in Europe.

– We are very happy and proud of making it to the European top list of best workplaces. Transcendent Group is a knowledge company, and one of the reasons that our culture is so strong and sustainable is that we are able to attract and recruit people that share our values. Without our employees, the business would stop. They are the ones who make our workplace better and strengthen our corporate culture every single day. That makes it easy to put them first, says Lisa Dennis, Head of HR.

125 companies are in total listed during the Great Place to Work Europe Ceremony, these are divided in four categories; Best Multinational Workplaces, Best Large Workplaces, Best Medium workplaces and best small workplaces. Transcendent Group competed in the category Best Small workplaces.

– Our culture is rare, and it presents a unique competitive advantage. This is something that should not be taken for granted and something we need to continue to work hard for. Our culture has been one of our major success factors and its importance will only increase as we enter new emerging markets. We will ensure our culture remains a key part of our company as we grow and continue to develop, ends Martin Malm, CEO Transcendent Group.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Institute is a research and consulting company which works with developing workplaces and organization. Great Place to Work is mostly famous for the lists Europe’s Best Workplaces and Fortune 100 BEST

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