3 threats in Cyber Security 2019

May 29, 2019

Threat landscape in Cyber Security 2019 - we list the most focused threats so far:

  1. Follow the money: Cybercriminals main objective is to make money, while declining BitCoin price, crypto mining and ransomwares are still the main purpose by cybercriminals. Shifting trend is the targeted focus on large corporations. Besides smaller examples, earlier this year one of the world’s biggest aluminum producers Norsk Hydro was targeted, it has so far costed them up to $40m and still counting.
  2. Cloud security: Cloud environments not only improve operations, but also increase exposure of services and customer data. Poor security measures: misconfigurations, weak credentials or stolen credentials are common cause of data breaches.
  3. Social engineering: Business email compromise increase, the sender of the email impersonates an executive member and ask for sensitive information or tries to execute financial orders. FBI estimates USD 12.5 billion losses as of 2018

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