Transcendent Group at BŪTENT!

September 9, 2018

Solveiga Acuviene, Arnas Liorentas and Carsten Maartmann-Moe participated at the democratic festival festival BŪTENT! in Birštonas, Lithuania this weekend. Carsten contributed in a panel debate on the topic fake news, hackers, Facebook scandals, propaganda and robots.

In a digital age, where the worlds of bits and bytes are increasingly intertwined with our world of atoms, it’s getting harder to separate truth, lies, and everything in between. Who – and what – can you trust? What are the pitfalls with the current technology hypes? What can we do to increase trust in the digital age?

BŪTENT! is Lithuanian for ‘make sense’, and the festival’s mission is to contribute to building a democratic welfare state by fostering a culture of discussion, concord and tolerance. The festival is an annual assembly with participants from political, business, academic, cultural, non-governmental organizations and other sectors. It’s a platform for discussion of the most important topics of the development of the state, shared ideas and to network.

Read more about the BŪTENT! festival here (in Lithuanian).

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