Christmas Gift from Transcendent Group

December 20, 2019

Merry Christmas! We love to make a difference! That’s why we want to be a part of and support some of the positive changes around the world. It’s with great joy that we announce that this year’s Christmas gifts, both to clients and employees, has been donated to charity. In total, Transcendent Group have donated 140 000 SEK (13 373 Euro).

We give all our Christmas gifts, both to clients and employees, to charity. This year, Transcendent Group CSR-committee decided to donate to Water Aid*, a charity working to make clean water and decent toilets accessible for everyone. Women for women**, working for improving the lives of women survivors of war. And Dynamic Teen Company***, provides education to children in poverty up to graduation. Our offices in Sweden, Germany and Headquarter joined in and donated their Christmas gifts to these charities as well. At TG, we have a long tradition of donating all our Christmas gifts to charity. Our CSR-committee get the honour to point out three charities aligned with our CSR-goals.

In addition, Transcendent Group Norway donated 20 000 NOK to “Hekle en skole”, a collaboration between Multi Aid Programs and The Crochet Community Collective in Lebanon, enabling a workplace for refugee women and the possibility to attend school for refugee children.

Also, Transcendent Group Netherlands donated their Christmas gifts to Kika a charity supporting children with cancer, Vluchtelingenwerk, supporting refugees in the Netherlands and Voedselbank, a charity supporting people in poverty.

*Water Aid is an international NGO making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation. WaterAid enables the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. These basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods and form the first, essential step in overcoming poverty.

**Women for women works to influence policy and practice to improve the lives of women survivors of war, and to rebuild their lives. The organisation was founded in the aftermath of the Bosnian war, where an estimated 50,000 Bosnian women were subjected to rape as a weapon of war. Thousands more witnessed the killing of loved ones and destruction of their homes, and were left struggling to provide and care for their families whilst dealing with severe trauma. Women for Women International created ‘sister-to-sister’ connections between isolated women in Bosnia and individual ‘sponsor sisters’ around the world. Women for women have gone on to support over half a million women across 8 conflict-affected countries to overcome the horrors of war and work towards a better future for themselves and their families.

***Dynamic Teen Company provides education to children in poverty up to graduation. They believe that the power of a child’s dream and empowering them means investing for a better world. On of DTC’s founder Efren Peñaflorida Jr. was announced as CNN Hero of the Year in 2009 because of his work to provide education to children living in poverty on the street.

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