Lisa Dennis wins the title HR-personality of the year

March 25, 2019

We are very proud to announce that we have Sweden’s best HR professional working for us! Transcendent Group’s Head of HR Lisa Dennis won Great Place to Work’s honorable prize in Sweden: 2019’s HR-personality.

How does it feel to have received Great Place to Work’s prize HR-personality 2019?

– I was very happy and grateful to all my colleagues when I heard that they had decided to nominate me, I felt so touched. And now on top of that I won, it’s a magical feeling! Says Lisa Dennis.

At Transcendent Group, we wanted to involve the whole organization in the nomination process. We therefore sent out a survey to all our employees working in Sweden, letting everyone send in their nominations in all Great Place to Work’s trust star categories. We then based the decision of nominee on the nomination texts and the number of nominations on the same person, and the decision was easy. Lisa Dennis really stuck out, since all the nominations for this year’s HR-personality were assigned to her. Our nomination was based on the nomination texts from our coworkers.

What has been important factors in creating a successful corporate culture?

– To be one of three finalists proof that our hard work is giving results for our coworkers. And I’m absolutely convinced that the key to our successful HR is our culture; that we’re living our core values! Continues Lisa Dennis.

The description of the prize of 2019’s HR-personality is “a person who, in a strategical and persevering matter, has created a successful corporate culture”.

What advice do you want to give to other HR-personalities who want to create a successful corporate culture?

– It’s important to have an ambitious vision and clear personal mission. My personal mission is to shape the greatest place to work ever, and by that inspire future generations to do the same! I feel very passionate about it, I believe in our culture and I can see the value of it. When you really believe in something and have a personal mission, then it’s easy to go from vision to action and to live the values. My advice is to have a personal mission and be a value ambassador, so that you colleagues will be inspired to live the values as well! Ends Lisa Dennis.

We are very proud of our Head of HR Lisa Dennis. Congratulations to us at Transcendent Group who gets to work with such a passionate HR-personality, it’s truly a privilege.

Read more about Lisa Dennis.

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