Long-term incentive program

June 12, 2018

Transcendent Group implements a long-term incentive program and invites all their employees to purchase stakes in the company.

Until today, the ownership of the company has been focused on a smaller group of employees who has shown great dedication and commitment. The long-term incentive program provides all employees with the same opportunity, to play an active role in the company’s growth and development by creating value to employees and clients as shareholders.

– We strongly believe that this will enable our collective commitment to the long-term development of the company. It is important for us that everyone who contributes to the creation of value at Transcendent Group should have the opportunity to benefit from a future value increase and potential profit from the company’s growth, says Martin Malm, CEO Transcendent Group.

Transcendent Group has invited all their employees to take part of their exclusive long-term incentive program offer, provided only to employees at Transcendent Group.

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