Transcendent Group expands to the Baltics

March 27, 2018

Since March 2018, Solveiga Acuviene started building Transcendent Group Baltics, with its first office in Vilnius. Transcendent Group offers experienced consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

The Baltics has several businesses linked to the rest of the Nordic countries, and according to Martin Malm, Group CEO at Transcendent Group, this is a natural next step in the company’s expansion from the Nordic countries.
– We believe that The Baltic region is an important Geographical region for us. There are plenty of businesses present with a strong link to other Nordic countries, not at least from our existing clients, we are simply following our clients in the world, says Martin Malm, Group CEO Transcendent Group.

According to data from Invest in Lithuania, the top investing countries by share of total projects between 2010 – 2016 is; Sweden (10%), Norway (9%), Denmark (8%) and Finland (6%). These are all markets where Transcendent Group already is established, meaning that it is a natural step to use the opportunity to propose the services to existing clients who have business in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
– Transcendent Group has already created a strong market presence in Scandinavia and Finland, with many existing clients also operating in the Baltics. We already have a successful corporate culture in the existing markets. My role will be to establish, adapt and develop this culture here in the Baltics, to attract the right talents and build long-lasting relationships with our new clients. I am confident that Transcendent Group Baltics will have a strong start and soon have established offices in Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga, says Solveiga Acuiviene, CEO Transcendent Group Baltics.

Solveiga Acuiviene becomes CEO

Solveiga has previous experience from Swedbank where she has been working with Internal Audit, Group Security, Shared Services Infrastructure and Banking Compliance in Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.
– Solveiga has a perfect skill match compared to Transcendent Group’s offering. Her prior experience within Internal Audit, Security, Risk and Compliance makes her almost unique related to Transcendent Group’s GRC offering. I see a great potential in Solveiga and in the region. My expectations are high when it comes to growth and brand establishment in all three countries, says Martin Malm, Group CEO Transcendent Group.

Lately, GRC has gone from being viewed as a regulatory must-have to a system that delivers real and sustainable value for organizations. Every organization would gain great value if they added a focus on risk extended from financial governance to operational governance, to identify and minimize risks.
– I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to lay the foundation of a brand-new company in the Baltics, that provides the market with a new, unique alternative. I am convinced that Transcendent Group will help many Lithuanian and Baltic companies to use GRC as a business opportunity to both drive competitive advantage and sustain future profitability and growth, says Solveiga Acuviene, CEO Transcendent Group Baltics.

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