Transcendent Group expands to Belgium

January 19, 2018

Since January 2018, Nicolas Jongen started building Transcendent Group Belgium in Brussels. Transcendent Group offers experienced consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). In Belgium, the financial sector will be the main business focus, particularly in terms of risk management and regulatory requirements. Nicolas Jongen becomes CEO

Brussels being the capital of Europe, it is at the very heart of the new regulatory landscape and EU’s supervisory framework of the financial system. According to Martin Malm, Group CEO at Transcendent Group, this is the natural first step outside of Scandinavia when expanding.

“A large number of our clients are located in Benelux, so we follow them in the world. We are delighted that Nicolas Jongen will start building Transcendent Group Belgium in January 2018, our 8th office. Nicolas won in fierce competition. His willingness to build the local establishment from scratch, combined with clear entrepreneurship and embrace of the unique culture of Transcendent Group, resulted in the decision”, says Martin Malm.

“Transcendent Group has already created a strong market presence in Scandinavia, from which I will clearly benefit. My role will be to transpose this to the Belgian market, by attracting the right talents, creating attractive individual branding and building lasting relationships with our future clients”, says Nicolas Jongen, CEO at Transcendent Group Belgium.

Focus on the financial sector

A strong awareness regarding effective GRC management has emerged ever since the collapse of two of Belgium’s largest banks during the financial crisis of 2008. The financial sector will be the main focus for Transcendent Group Belgium, particularly in terms of risk management.

“Banks need to constantly adapt their business strategies; from the need for digital transformation and more agile structures, to the emergence of new market players such as FinTech’s. To achieve this, linking their business strategy with their risk management will be key”, says Nicolas Jongen.

Strong GRC principles starts at the top

According to Nicolas Jongen, most Belgian organizations have understood that sound governance principles and risk management frameworks are essential to achieve business objectives.

“It is only through the Board’s continuous involvement, and its commitment to a strong risk culture, that organizations will be able to improve risk awareness and transparency across the whole company. I believe it is essential to demonstrate to our clients that GRC isn’t just a necessity, but rather a powerful ally that creates business value. GRC builds competitive advantage by allowing organizations to avoid downside risks whilst discovering the potential upside within risks”, says Nicolas Jongen.

“I’m confident that Nicolas leads Transcendent Group Belgium to a consulting company with more than 20 employees within four years, just as we have managed to accomplish in Norway”, concludes Martin Malm.

“Transcendent Group has given me an amazing opportunity to create a local organization from the start, and to lay the foundation of what I hope will be a great adventure. I’m thankful for the company having put their trust in me and very excited to begin helping clients”, says Nicolas Jongen.

About Nicolas Jongen

Nicolas Jongens’ key expertise lies in the field of Risk Management. He started within External Audit and advanced to Financial Risk Management in 2010. His experience comes mainly from the major banks (for instance BNPPF, ING and KBC), and Treasury centers of major corporates (for instance AB Inbev and AGC).


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