Presenting Transcendent Group’s new CFO

December 11, 2020

After 13 years at giant Swedbank, Charlotte Elsnitz is ready for a more intimate workplace: “I look forward to being part of a smaller and more entrepreneurial organization.”

Charlotte Elsnitz has worked at Swedbank since 2007 and after several executive positions, with her most recent role being Head of Baltic Banking and as such part of the Group Executive Committee, she is ready for a new challenge.

“Transcendent Group has been familiar to me for many years, not only as a company offering great services but also as a potential future employer. I look forward to being part of a smaller organization, where the entrepreneurial qualities are at the core of the company.”

Before joining Swedbank she was Head of Capital Unit at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). She has also worked as a financial consultant at KPMG for several years.

“It will be really fun to be back in consulting again! Even though my main role within Transcendent Group will not be in consulting, I believe that I have a lot to bring to the table in terms of how we create value for our clients. In addition, having a career from the GRC area myself I am hoping to be able to support our consultants in terms of expertise and experience.”

She finds Transcendent Group being a fresh and skilled contender providing services in segments that are becoming increasingly important. Even though Charlotte is convinced that Transcendent Group’s services are more relevant than ever, she acknowledges that there are some challenges but also opportunities to deal with.

“First of all, becoming a listed company is a big and challenging transition for any company, when readjusting from being a private company to act as a public one. Facing the covid-19 pandemic on top of that, and the uncertainty that comes along, during the first year as a listed company is far from easy.”

For the company to continue to develop and grow in these extraordinary circumstances, Charlotte emphasizes the importance to capitalize on what Transcendent Group does best: helping its clients.

“We need to be smart and find new ways to support our clients as much as we can, after all it has been a challenging year for them as well and the need for a qualified service provider will not disappear. Many of the projects that did not take place earlier this year were rather postponed than actually cancelled, so I am convinced that Transcendent Group is in a strong position to continue to grow steadily and sustainably from where we are now. There will be a new normal coming out from these challenging times but more than ever risk management, internal controls, and readiness to handle risks will be present.”

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