Transcendent Group about to conquer the German market

October 17, 2019

Transcendent Group is a consultancy offering experienced subject matter experts within Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). The Company was founded in 2001 and have a strong market presence in the Nordic countries and a strong geographical growth, expanding to new markets around Europe. It’s now time to conquer the German market with experienced and senior consultants and a unique work culture.

A new office in Frankfurt

Transcendent Group’s first office in Germany started in Frankfurt in July 2019 with Emanuel Gedeon taking the lead as CEO and Holger Pauco-Dirscherl as Co-Founder. They both share the same entrepreneurial passion paired with extensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance expertise, many years of experience, and a strong client value centricity. Emanuel and Holger are a perfect fit to launch Transcendent Group in Germany.

“It’s a great opportunity to be able to build something from the start. On the one hand, we’re a completely new company and on the other hand, we’re a company founded in 2001 with a solid culture, colleagues from all around Europe and over 400 clients across our different offices. To be a new office in a new market for Transcendent Group is amazing, we create remarkable stories every day with new clients, projects and employees. All the milestones and new relationships that we build.” Says Emanuel Gedeon, CEO Transcendent Group Germany.

Increased demand of GRC services in Germany

Increased regulatory scrutiny, frequent enforcement actions, raised corporate governance expectations, and complex risk management requirements, make it difficult for organizations to balance regulatory compliance and business innovation opportunities. In an environment where the German watchdog increases financial crime investigations and employs new and tough rules on various technical fields, from cloud services and cryptocurrencies to information security, a large number of organizations are facing challenges with developing and implementing adequate risk management strategies as well as effective compliance programs and processes. Transcendent Group has the right service portfolio and the right mindset to support organizations to meet these challenges. Transcendent Group’s CEO Martin Malm comments;

“We see a great potential in the German market, and to start our first office in Frankfurt was a logical decision as many companies in financial services have already started to move parts of their operations to Frankfurt as a result of Brexit. There’s a high demand for GRC services and we have a gap on the market to fill. I am proud to have found such a strong team with Emanuel and Holger who have such a passion for GRC and strong commitment to their clients. There personal values match our values perfectly, and I am confident that they will make Transcendent Group Germany to a fast-growing success.”

A unique culture on the German market

In the consulting industry Transcendent Group excels by being a value-driven, non-hierarchical company. The core values are trust, professionalism, contribution and personal.

“For me, Transcendent Group’s culture was the one of the main reasons why I joined the journey. I still get amazed every day realizing that TG is even greater than I thought. We stick to our values and will always be honest with our clients, even if it means losing a project. Our culture is all about people first, and TG is one of the few companies I have ever known that truly understands what people first means. It’s all about respecting people, trusting people, investing in people and creating an environment where we can develop.” Says Holger Pauco-Dirscherl, Co-Founder of TG Germany.

One of Transcendent Group’s core values is personal, a value that stands out among other consultancies. Holger Pauco-Dirscherl continues;

“When a Client meets someone from TG at a first initial meeting, she meets an experienced consultant who will keep accompanying her for the entire duration of the project. We’re not selling dozens of nameless and faceless inexperienced consultants which work in the shadow of a senior resource that eventually the Client will barely meet. The persons who the Client meets at the first meeting are taking on the direct responsibility for the engagement and will provide both strategical and operative support until its successful finalization. I believe that Transcendent Group creates a client environment based on trust and integrity which is truly unique on the German market.”

A bright future

Going forward, Transcendent Group Germany keeps growing at a high pace. We have already hired and will continue to hire new motivated and enthusiastic colleagues while we are performing our first very exciting projects.

“My goal is to achieve what our colleagues have already successfully achieved in various other European countries – to develop a unique professional services firm with a great market position and a strong reputation as a Great Place to Work. We believe in long standing relationships with Clients and our employees. Our ambition is to be distinctive, to be recognized for having the best brand in the GRC market. We bring GRC innovations to Clients and measure our success by our Clients’ success. We create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people based on respect, trust, and fairness. I’m proud to be part of a story that is just getting started. Keep an eye out for us, we will make a real impact.” Ends Emanuel Gedeon, CEO Transcendent Group Germany.

About Transcendent Group

At Transcendent Group you will meet experienced consultants in Governance, Risk and Compliance. Transcendent Group’s services provide security and opportunities for government agencies, businesses and other organizations in a variety of industries. The company was established in Stockholm in 2001, and has since grown to become a group of companies with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania and now Germany. Transcendent Group has been ranked as one of Europe’s best workplaces 2019 in Great Place to Work’s annual top list.

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