Transcendent Group expands to Luxembourg

September 1, 2018

Transcendent Group enters the Benelux markets with Med Zlitni as CEO for their Luxembourg office. Transcendent Group is a management consulting firm that offers experienced consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Transcendent Group stands out from their competitors by having a strong focus on culture, and by building their consultant’s personal brand. They have been listed as the 19th best workplace in Europe 2018 by the independent organization Great Place to Work.

“By joining Transcendent Group, I’m becoming a part of a dynamic, ambitious company, that thrives on the values; trust, professionalism, contribution and personal. The company’s values are influenced by its Scandinavian origins, where we already have a strong market presence. I now have the opportunity to establish the values and shape the company in Luxembourg from the very beginning, and I’m looking forward to the journey”, says Med Zlitni. 

In Luxembourg, Transcendent Group will offer several services within Governance, Risk and Compliance, with a focus on Digital Transformation.

“Whatever a company’s vision is for the future, it must include digital transformation to grow, and always trying to prevent the unexpected from happening and complying with regulatory requirements. Transcendent Group is operating at a senior level to drive the latest GRC related requirements due to changes in Technology, increasing data storage, market globalization and increased regulation. We are now ready to assist clients in Luxembourg to tackle the board issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management and effective corporate compliance”, continues Med Zlitni, CEO Transcendent Group Luxembourg.

The first Transcendent Group office was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and have lately expand rapidly in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium and the Baltic region.
“At Transcendent Group we have growth in our genes. To us, growth happens locally within our established markets, but in addition, we see a tremendous potential in geographical growth. Our core values and company culture are attractive everywhere, and our ambition is to continuously grow geographically as well as locally”, says Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen.

Transcendent Group are planning on opening offices in all Benelux countries within a short timeframe, to let them benefit from each other.
“After successfully establishing ourselves across the Nordics, we have started focusing on continental Europe. The first focus has been the Benelux countries. These are countries where many of our existing clients already operate, and there are many similarities with the Nordics in terms of size and culture. By starting offices in the Benelux countries within a short time-frame, we are aiming at synergies between the different offices, both in terms of clients and recruitment”, ends Lars Reidar Vold-Andersen, Head of Emerging Markets, Transcendent Group.

About Med Zlitni

Med is an experienced business executive with strong operational and strategic capabilities with nearly 20 years’ experience in different Big4 companies, enhancing efficiency and driving value within multi-sectorial and cultural environments.

Med Zlitni showcase a deep knowledge and understanding of Luxembourg Management consultancy market with a special focus on GRC services dedicated to Fund Industry, Private Banks, Wealth & Asset Management. He focus on the challenging markets to assess, design and deliver robust strategies to drive Digital Transformation programs and GRC related Services

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