Acuminor has developed a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution that aids the identification and assessment of threats such as money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption and circumvention of sanctions.

Internally, we use a variety of techniques to create effective, high-quality analyses – Machine learning/NLP play an important role. The solution is cloud based with API, with the possibility to connect to the other systems such as TM or KYC.

Acuminor’s aims to become the global golden standard for financial crime intelligence. Our intelligence models enable the collection, analysis and assessment of criminal methods, predicate offences, legal and regulatory requirements from hundreds of trusted sources, more efficiently and effectively than traditional manual efforts. The platform enables the assessment of these threats against the risks associated with your business, which is emerging as a regulatory priority as best practice.

Acuminor’s solution aims to support organisations in conducting their regulatory responsibilities in a more efficient and effective way to reduce costs, and improve effectiveness of the financial crime ecosystem. Our existing customers’ span the public and private sectors including banking, regulators, finance, law and gaming.

We are currently offering two major products; Risk Assessment Pro – a ground breaking approach to business-wide risk assessments, and ThreatView – Accessible and updated financial crime intelligence.

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