Protecht: 20 years redefining the way the world thinks about risk

The Protecht Group helps organisations increase performance and achieve strategic objectives through deep understanding, monitoring, and management of risk.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, business models and organisations are facing increased change and unprecedented levels of scrutiny. With change comes complexity, challenging risk managers to redefine the way they lead an organisation’s approach to and implementation of risk management.

Protecht provides complete risk solutions, including the world-class Protecht.ERM enterprise risk management platform as well as compliance, training and advisory services, to businesses, government organisations and regulators across the world.

With 20+ years at the forefront of risk and compliance solutions, millions of incidents managed across thousands of individual risks, and over 25 thousand people attending our training courses to date, we are one of the most respected and influential voices in risk.

The Protecht.ERM platform helps risk managers focus on the right things. It automates the manual and time-consuming processes of managing the collection and analysis of risk information across your organisation.

The implementation of Protecht.ERM is completely scalable, assisted by easily deployable best-practice templates for risk assessment, incident reporting and auditing. The tool was designed by risk managers for all kinds of users and is configurable to your business processes.
Accessible from wherever you are, Protecht.ERM is suitable for any organisation, regardless of size, industry or risk maturity stage. Dynamically manage all your risks in a single platform: Risks, Compliance, Health and Safety, Internal Audit, Incidents, KRIs, BCP, and more.

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