RISMA. Prepare Your Business for Better Growth
RISMA is a SaaS company that develops, sells, and implements Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions. Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen and listed on NASDAQ First North in 2021, we proudly serve customers throughout Scandinavia with any GRC ambitions and goals they have.
Customers of all sizes and industries trust us to help them stay on top of their governance initiatives and compliance and risk efforts across all levels and functions. As they seek to take the pain out of working with GRC and instead dedicate resources to prepare for better growth – customers turn to use our solutions with broad usage capabilities.

• GRC Suite: Instead of managing all governance, risk, and compliance efforts in separate systems, companies can gather everything in one unified solution. The suite is ideal for companies of any size and any function from the legal team, IT, CSR, or financial control team.
• GDPR & Privacy: Comprehensive management tool to secure privacy-conscious strategies and company reputation.
• ISMS & ISO 27001: Secures company-wide protection of all forms of information and increases resilience to cyber-attacks.
• ESG & Sustainability: Turns social and environmental ambitions and promises into clear action points and successful reporting.

• Eliminate manual processes to reduce human errors and accelerate digital transformation
• Gain real-time visibility into status and performance overview of all KPIs across functions
• Short time-to-value. A structured framework providing clear guidance and structure to bring initiatives to life
• Intelligent reporting and progression of compliance status and performance
• Connects silos to boost collaboration. Clarity of shared organizational goals, initiatives, and resources
• Increase efficiency to fulfill compliance and regulatory obligations.

At RISMA, we believe in Good Corporate Citizenship. We collaborate and support companies and organizations that aspire to make a positive difference.

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