Stratsys is a SaaS company founded in 2000, with a vision to simplify work-life for organisations. Stratsys offers a platform for strategic planning including 11 industry-specific products in areas such as Governance, Risk & Compliance, Sustainability, and Quality Management. Our platform and products have been developed for over 20 years, with extensive area experts and in close collaboration with customers and users.

Since the start, an early focus on the public sector has resulted in a market-leading position for Stratsys in strategic management software within the sector. With an increased growth focus, Stratsys is rapidly growing in the private sector together with geographical expansions in the rest of the Nordic countries. Today Stratsys have gained the trust of over 500 customers in the public and private sectors with a total of 170,000 active users across our platform and products.

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Statsys, Nordenskiöldsgatan 11A, 211 19 Malmö