The concept of Transcendent Group is simple

We attract the best and most experienced GRC-talent. We then empower them with personal responsibility to deliver high quality services to our clients. As a result, we have highly satisfied customers and our company grows.

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We are a people business, and our people are our most important asset. A great culture is essential to making our colleagues feel great, it’s as easy as that!

Living our core values and culture is also key to the way we do business. Our values is the foundation to how we interact with our clients, how we improve, and how we ensure that we make correct and sustainable decisions.

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Search among our consultants within Governance, Risk and Compliance. We are sure you will find a consultant who can help provide both assurance and create opportunities, across a variety of services. Find the right consultant for your project by searching here.

Patrick Cody

Text coming soon...

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Paulius Širvaitis

We live in the age where information is the most valuable commodity. Cybernetics...

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Per-Arthur Raastad

The best thing about being a consultant is to be able to get...

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Petter Ludvig Andersen

One of the most fun things I do is work in the intersection...

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Ranjit Mahida

With nearly 20 years' experience as a media and technology lawyer in the...

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Ranjitsinh Mahida

With nearly 20 years' experience as a media and technology lawyer in the...

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At Transcendent Group, we handpick our new employees after recommendation, thorough research and a quality asured recruitment process. We recruit mainly from our personal networks, but applications are of course welcome. Normally, our new recruits are senior with a number of years of work experience from the industry, and they all think a great culture is important.

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