Responsible and Ethical Conduct

Business integrity is challenged by stakeholder expectations, regulatory changes and disruption: Organizations need to take responsibility for their actions through responsible and ethical business conduct. The upcoming Human Rights Due Diligence Directive, which comes into force in Norway on 1st July 2022, will further increase this responsibility. The European Commission adopted a proposal for an EU-wide Directive on 23rd February 2022.

A sustainable world is an equal world where companies take responsibility not only for their employees and shareholders, but also external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers, the environment and society at large. Companies failing to manage their environmental, social and governance risks are likely to face penalties and public mistrust. By understanding the risks and challenges while focusing on the opportunities the green shift creates for companies willing to invest in business integrity. As a background to these new opportunities, risks, and challenges, we have classified key drivers for needs of management, workforce, and operations of companies.