Transcendent Group preliminary reports growth of 23 percent and an EBIT margin of 14.4 percent in the second quarter of 2021

July 19, 2021

In addition to an operating profit (EBIT) that, like in the first quarter, deviates positively from previous seasonal patterns and continues to grow, Transcendent Group also exhibits growth of approximately 23* percent in the second quarter of 2021. Growth is driven by a general increase in demand for GRC services with a clear trend in increasing demand for cyber security services. Revenue for the second quarter of 2021 amounts to approximately SEK 60.9* million, compared with SEK 49.5 million in the second quarter of 2020.

Operating profit (EBIT) for the period is estimated to amount to approximately SEK 8.8* million, corresponding to an operating margin of 14.4* percent. Operating profit for the second quarter of 2020 was SEK -0.9 million. The improved earnings are primarily due to the improved sales but also a result of increased efficiency.

*The figures reported here are preliminary and have not been reviewed by the company’s auditor

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