The role of the compliance function is to support the business in managing risks arising from new and often complex regulations, and where possible, help identify and predict new compliance risks in good time. Transcendent Group’s consultants have extensive experience in working with regulatory matters.

Over the past ten years the regulatory landscape has undergone significant change and has grown in complexity. This has created significant compliance challenges for both private and public sector organisations, in terms of achieving compliance with external and internal requirements without compromising agility and effectiveness. Adding to this complexity is digitization which is introducing new types of the risk and opportunity for organisations and businesses.

TG’s definition of compliance includes the risk of regulatory sanctions, financial or reputational loss arising from non-compliance with laws & regulations, internal and external requirements ethical standards and market expectations. Our compliance services include the following:

• Development and performance of risk analysis
• Design and implementation of compliance monitoring and activity plans
• Compliance audits
• Outsourcing of the compliance function
• Interim solutions and secondments
• Training of management and employees
• Permit applications
• Design and implementation of internal policies
• Ongoing compliance support

Transcendent group has acquired significant compliance experience from a large number of engagements, including a wide range of compliance solutions and implementations. This has given us a clear picture of compliance best practice and we are able to bring this to bear in new compliance projects with our clients. We have a strong focus on knowledge sharing and the provision of value adding advice to our customers in as an efficient way as possible. We focus on promoting conscious compliance models and data-driven solutions for our clients’ organisations, and we strive for the sound balance between control and risk.

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