Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is about helping organisations achieve their goals. An effective corporate governance framework will enable your organisation to balance the needs of stakeholders while accelerating the attainment of the organisation's goals and objectives.

By understanding the risks that may have the greatest impact on the organisation, risk management and internal controls can be used to establish capabilities that enable the organisation to act early and manage these risks effectively. This can create new opportunities and make it possible to realise these opportunities. In our experience organisations that have managed to use risk management as a decision-making tool are better equiped to prioritize the organisations, often scarce, resources to helping ensure goal achievement.

We provide the following corporate governance services to our clients within all industries and sectors:

• Governance structure design and implementation
• Design and implementation of Enterprise Risk Management, including in accordance with the COSO-ERM framework
• Process mapping
• Risk analysis/risk workshops
• Design and implementation of internal controls and key controls
• Design and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Design and implementation of reporting structures and dashboards

Transcendent Group can assist you in ensuring there is a clear connection between the organisation’s strategy, goals and objectives and the actions that are being performed every day.

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