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Reg Tech is not just another buzzword. Reg tech will revolutionize internal processes in many companies over the upcoming years. At Transcendent Group, we want to lead the development and help our clients and the industry to capture the opportunities that digitalization creates. In order to lead the development, we started a new subsidiary during 2018; Transcendent Group Regulatory Technology. The aim is to gradually reinvent the business models in all our service lines, using digitalization to make both internal and customer´s processes more effective.

Regulatory Framework Application (RFA)

Regulatory Framework Application (RFA) is a new digital service developed by Transcendent Group that helps our clients to obtain, develop, manage, administrate and maintain the entire internal regulatory framework. RFA allows you to move time and resources to the most important phase – working with implementation and safeguarding a long term sustainable business!  

As of today, most companies are forced to spend most of their time of the internal regulatory framework process on developing, updating and maintaining policies, instructions, guidelines and templates etc. RFA is a digital tool that will do all of that for you! It digitalizes the administration, decision and reading. RFA includes a standardized framework. And of course, the tool can be individualized based on your specific needs. RFA allow you to move time and resources to the most important phase; Implementation and education.

It is a cloud based platform that allows administration, decision and reading and leave our client more time to focus on implementation and education of the internal regulatory framework. The implementation of RFA and the development of the digital tool is made by experts from Transcendent Group in close cooperation with the client.

RFA in short;

  • RFA helps our client obtain, develop, manage, administrate and maintain the entire regulatory framework.
  • In difference to many other tools in the market RFA contains also content! – proposal of policies, instructions and templates based on what type of business you have.
  • RFA can be customized based on client needs.
  • Cloud based “one stop shop” for administration, decision and reading.
  • Automated tracking of regulatory changes. Transcendent Group is tracking and updating the content based on changes in regulatory requirements.
  • Support for decision making and updates.
  • The platform is easy to understand and navigate.

The service is primarily for companies regulated by FSA. It is a subscription service which was launched during 2019 and have had a very positive response from our clients. Many of our clients has already started working with RFA.

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