Internal Audit

In an increasingly complex and evolving world, the importance of the organization's governance, risk management and controls framework has never been greater. As the organization’s operations are changing there are constantly new risks arising that need to be monitored. Internal Audit plays a key role in supporting the organization by auditing areas with high risk. The mission of internal audits is to enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight.

Transcendent Group is a seasoned provider of internal audit services. We understand the criticality of finding the right partner to bolster your organization’s governance, risk management, and control framework. We offer value-added assurance and objective advice, plus an in-depth view into your operations.

Our internal audit services aim to enhance and protect your organizational value by delivering objective assurance, advice, and insight.

Our team of certified internal auditors, IT auditors, expert consultants, and subject matter specialists in areas like cyber security are dedicated to supporting your organization’s success. With a team of , a broad range of sector experience, including financial services, government agencies, healthcare, and more, Transcendent Group is equipped to drive your organization forward through systematic and strategic Audit & Control.

Services provided
We offer a wide range of internal audit services:

  • Outsourced internal audit function: You can outsource your Internal Audit Function to us which includes creating a risk-based audit plan, performing the audits, doing follow-up and reporting to management and the board.
  • Co-sourcing: We can be your co-sourcing partner in one or more audits, where we offer you experienced consultants and subject matter experts in several areas.
  • Interim solutions: We can also provide you with different interim solutions to fill temporary resourcing challenges such as interim Chief Audit Executive (CAE) and interim internal auditor. We have several consultants with CAE experience and all our internal audit consultants have extensive experience in the field.
  • External Quality Assessment (EQA) or Quality Assessment Review (QAR): Our certified and experienced consultants can support your internal audit function to evaluate capacity, methodology and compliance with IPPF/IIA Standards and stakeholder expectations.
  • Assurance mapping: We can support you in evaluating the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the GRC-organization including coordinating control functions and “lines.”
  • Risk assessment: Support in performing the risk assessment as part of establishing a value-added, risk based plan for your organization.
  • Data driven assurance: We can offer several standardized analyses as well as customized data/transaction analyses to increase efficiency and provide assurance on high volumes of transactions.
  • Training: We offer training in internal audit methodology, or expert areas relevant for your plans, such as IT and information security, fraud, compliance etc.

Track record
Interim CAE
A company in the financial sector needed to fill the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) position temporarily, with short notice. We were able to immediately fill the position with an experienced consultant with previous experience of leading functions. Due to high turnover in the audit department, we also performed some of the planned audits with our staff to keep up with the audit plan. Since none of the old staff was left when the new CAE arrived, we also ensured a smooth introduction and transition.

Outsourced internal audit function
A company within the energy industry saw both financial and qualitative benefits from outsourcing the internal audit function. Our proposal with very experienced internal audit / IT audit consultants who could team up with several subject matter experts within relevant areas such as compliance, privacy and cyber security was considered a perfect match for their need. Our pragmatic approach and a proposed audit plan with a balance of risk-based audits and compliance-oriented audits, were in line with the organization’s ambition level.






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