The e-privacy regulation – the upcoming legislation in short

May 29, 2019

Suffering from GDPR-fatigue? Scared of even looking into what EPR means? Here’s a short breakdown.

The proposal for e-privacy regulation – EPR – is expected to be passed during 2019 by the EU. The scope of the EPR is electronic communication. That means the EPR targets a broader scope of data than just personal data. But at the same time, it means that the EPR is applicable to fewer organizations than the GDPR.

The purpose of the EPR is to increase the integrity level in electronic communication in a broader sense than the GDPR, for instance regarding cookies, Internet of Things, electronic direct marketing, metadata and communication/chat services like Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger. The EPR will bring stricter rules on integrity and secrecy compared to the GDPR, both regarding the protection of the communication/chat content and regarding the collection of data and metadata, such as time and place for the communication. The proposed legislation would require explicit consent for such collection. The regulation would also aim to make different kinds of cookie consent easier to understand for the users.

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