Finn-Erik Langeggen

I love to combine the theoretical with the practical, which is what we do at Transcendent Group. Every day with our customers, we strive to be proactive and analytical to understand new laws and regulations. To convey the importance of GRC for our customers employees and owners. It is about creating competitive advantages, which is why I have chosen to work at Transcendent Group. As a Norwegian, I am born with skis on my feet and born in the early seventies I am doing Telemark. When I was young, I skied on theory, power and passion. Today I ski on experience, technique, best equipment and joy. The same goes for my career; as a new finance manager in the insurance industry, I had to work a lot to handle financial risks. Over time, however, we have acquired new techniques and tools to identify and handle much more than just financial risks. During my studies, I read a lot about EU and its institutions, where I learned that there are competitive advantages for companies that are early adapters to new regulations. Which is confirmed repeatedly. How much have not risk control and work processes improved after the implementation of Sarben Oxley? How much did it not improve the company's results in the long run?

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