Daniel Kåberger

The best thing about my job is that I work with what I love. Ever since I got my first computer, technology has been the one I love most. Interest in finding out how things work has made me familiar with many different systems and technologies, which naturally paved the way for a career in cyber security. Since 2000 I have worked with what has also been my hobby, so much of my spare time is used to program and test new systems and techniques. Network security and web security are particularly hot about the heart. In a world where security is becoming more important, I hope more people get their eyes on how important it is to help build a safer internet. More and more digitalized and launched online, so it's becoming increasingly important to cyber security seriously in both small and large organizations. I want to help this by sharing the knowledge and experience that I have built over the years. A common mistake in cyber security is that many only make point efforts and then assume that the system is safe. Cyber ​​security today is about regularly working on a security strategy where the technical tests are only part. My strength is that in addition to the interest in technical details, you can also see the whole, such as security strategy, processes, recurring routines and tests. Through comprehensive analyzes and detailed tests, I want to help secure the digital assets before they fall into rude hands.

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