Jonas Blomqvist

"Information Security" and "Risk Management". It might sound a bit dry and boring but after making a summary of what it actually means, I think I might have the best job in the world! In today's digital open society, both individuals and companies are constantly exposed to risks and threats of various kinds. We handle huge amounts of information daily, often sensitive information, that in the wrong hands can be used for malicious or criminal purposes. Information can be leaked intentionally or by accident with major negative consequences. We also have legal obligations to protect sensitive information and if it's not adhered, it may provide legal sanctions. That´s what Information security is all about. How we protect and control access to the right information, within the right time and in the right way. Growth for a company requires to take and be exposed to risks, and at the same time have control over them. Through proactive risk work, we become aware of unwanted events, the consequences if they occur and how to handle and prioritize them in the best way. For a company, a sound handling of risks means ensuring that critical processes are working effectively and to continuously control that´s the case. Risk Management is not just about preventing or limiting unwanted effects, but also turning it into finding new business opportunities and services. Pretty cool!

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